Best Gateway for your family shopping in Delhi/NCR

From times immemorial, women have always been callingĀ  each other up & planned dates with one another to spend the entire day shopping for apparels, purses handbags, accessories, pampering themselves @salon, lest we forget their favorite: fetish for shoes. So, going with your whole family […]

Planning a Trip to Venice? Visit The Grand Venice Mall!

No need to save money for your Venice trip and for the gondola ride in Venice city, take a deep breath, relax and drive down to Greater Noida. The Grand Venice Mall has created a Venice-like experience right in the middle of the mall. The […]

Things to do at The Grand Venice Mall

The Grand Venice Mall in Greater Noida is an opulent Venetian-themed mall. The Romanesque mall, spread across 3.2 million square feet is a mega tourist destination.The Bell Tower of the St. Mark Basilica, the Statue of Julius Ceasar, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and other […]